Monday, May 23, 2011

Spanked in Shinny Red Panties

Two More Spankings Added


Well I got a spanking today, it has been awhile so I know I deserved one. I have tried to be a better boy but sometimes I just forget and well that's why she spanks me.
My bottom is very hot right now so I hope I remember for a long time.
Thank You Baby


Shinny Pantie OTK Part One

An Over The Knee Spanking in my shinny panties, I had to do some masking first.
Part Two

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well after my wife read the comments after my last spanking she decided I needed a bit more spanking. As you will see she did take some advice, OUCH.
Thank you for commenting, and thank you sweetie for spanking me.

Again we love to read your comments, thank you.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Spank Anniversary

My wife gave me a spanking today to celebrate the start of another year of spankings.
I haven't been spanked in awhile I have been getting over some medical things but I know I have earned this spanking and I am sure she should have spanked my longer and harder I know I deserved to be spanked a lot longer. Maybe she will spanked me again tomorrow.

As you can see I am once again in my "girl" clothes for my added embarrassment. They are very sheer so the spanking hurt! Not a lot of protection but the bare part of the spanking did sting more.

Do you think she spanked me enough? Please comment and let my wife know if I should be spanked more. Tell her how you think she should spank me.

Thank you my lovely wife your spankings hurt but I do feel much better after you give me one because I know you do it because you love me.
Love Your Hubby

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Reminder Spanking


My wonderful wife and I had a talk after she view a video from The Disciplinary Wives Club (DWC)
web site of wives spanking their husbands and she decided that I need a reminder spanking. As it was only a reminder to be a good boy spanking it wasn't as long as my last spanking but I think she saw in the video that big boys need to be spanked hard so I could feel she was spanking me harder. I know I need to be reminded to be a good boy because boys just seem to forget and when I do I get a real spanking from her.

I was in panties and a bra all day so I'd see what it is like to have to wear a bra all day it was not fun and knowing you are all seeing me in a bra and panties is very embarrassing.

As the time goes on I can feel she is spanking me harder every time I get a spanking so I better try and remember to be good or the next one is rely going to hurt. Even with this spanking only being a few minutes I had tears in my eyes by the time she finished with the cane.
Thank you my wife for helping me be a good husband and keeping our marriage strong.

Love you

Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby Doll Spankings

Part One

Here is the beginning of my punishment day. First I was scolded for my bad behavior she was very unset with me about how I yelled at her at a family get together. I knew at the time I should be spanked. Today she tied me to the bed and took her time spanking me hard. As I sit here writing this my bottom is on fire and hurts a lot. When I asked to if I needed to be spanked and she said yes I asked to to make sure it hurts for several days so I won't for get. She said she would do that. Later today I will get the cane and the paddle and then I will get a bed time spanking as well.

Part One
I have counted number of spanks I received to help me remember:
On my panties_________ 29 Leather Hand
___________________13 Small Paddle
On my bare bottom _____36 Small Paddle___12 Tawse_______16 Hair Brush
13 Leather Hand___12 Brat Whacker___4 Red Paddle

Part Two
9____Brat Whacker___23__ Small Paddle___14__ Leather Hand__6 Tawse
20___Red Paddle_____18 __Hair Brush

Part Three
18_Brat Whacker 25 Small Paddle___20_Red Paddle 32 Hair Brush
6_Tawse___29 Canes

Later in the afternoon I was tied down over the sofa arm and given the cane a paddle and the tawse to help me remember to be a good boy.
52 Canes__20 Paddle __26 Tawse

SpankME Panties Spanking_____________
On my Panties______19 Leather Hand,
Om my bare bottom__15 Leather Hand___12 Paddle__26 Tawse__18 Hair Brush

My wife is going out today so I was given a short spanking to remind me to be good boy while she is out and to help make sure my bottom hurts all week for yelling at her in public. It was still a little sore from Monday's spanking but now it is a lot more sore. I hope I don't yell at her in public again because she has told me the next time will be much more severe.
Some people have commented that she doesn't spank me hard enough well it hurts a lot so I think she spanks me hard enough. The thing is the more she spanks me the hard she does it her spankings hurt a lot more now than they did a year ago. I better be a good boy so I only have to have reminder spankings or someday she is going to leave my bottom black and blue. I have never been spanked that hard and I am sure I wouldn't like it one bit!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Video from 2/2/10

Well I found an answer it seemes the format I used to use won't work anymore. So here are the rest of the spankings my dear wife gave me to celebrate our domestic discipline relation anniversary.
I have been a bit busy with many things and she has let me off for some time but I feel my bottom will be feeling very sore again soon but until then I will get the rest of my old spankings up. I should be spanked for not finding the answer sooner but I have been very busy.
I have to put them up because naughty boys and husbands deserve to be spank in public.
Thank you for watching me get a spanking and it is an embarrassment to know people are watching.

Second Spanking 2/2/10 Part 1

Second Spanking 2/2/10 Part 2

Third Spanking 2/2/10 Part 1 On the bed

Third Spanking 2/2/10 Part 2 On the bed

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daily Spankings

Since I can't get the videos up I can at least put up some stills of the daily spankings I have been getting.

This is the first daily spanking after our anniversary. On Wednesday, and she spanked me good it stung a lot and I couldn't wait for the timer to ring I was spanked for 7 minutes!

This is Thursday morning after my 6 minute spanking standing in the corner to think about why I need to be spanked everyday until I can show I can act like a big boy and not need to be spanked everyday.

Friday Morning standing in the bathroom corner after a spanking thinking about the punishment spanking I will soon get for what I did yesterday.

This is after a punishment spanking I got later on Friday because I forgot some of my equipment for my job and my wife had to bring it to me. I really deserved this punishment and I feel very lucky I was not punished harder than I was.

Tuesday Morning 2/9 no spanking yesterday appointment, but I got it today it may not look too bad but it hurt a lot maybe because I haven't been spanked since last Friday, she doesn't spank me on friday because kids are in the house unless I do something very naughty then she may take me out to the back room and spank me.

Second spanking this time with the cane to make up for doc not getting a spanking on Monday. She is getting better with the cane, too bad for me. Someday soon I am sure she will leave cuts that I feel for a week.

This is my Daily Spanking for today Tuesday 2/16 I am standing in the pink panties I was told to wear thinking about being a good boy.

I was told to buy something pretty to wear for her on line and it came today I was given a good hard spanking because she felt I spent too much money on it, she did however say I was cute and adorable in just before she spanked me. She likes the white stockings.