Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Video from 2/2/10

Well I found an answer it seemes the format I used to use won't work anymore. So here are the rest of the spankings my dear wife gave me to celebrate our domestic discipline relation anniversary.
I have been a bit busy with many things and she has let me off for some time but I feel my bottom will be feeling very sore again soon but until then I will get the rest of my old spankings up. I should be spanked for not finding the answer sooner but I have been very busy.
I have to put them up because naughty boys and husbands deserve to be spank in public.
Thank you for watching me get a spanking and it is an embarrassment to know people are watching.

Second Spanking 2/2/10 Part 1

Second Spanking 2/2/10 Part 2

Third Spanking 2/2/10 Part 1 On the bed

Third Spanking 2/2/10 Part 2 On the bed


Anonymous said...

A spectacular spanking! It was well worth waiting for! Your wife was in great form, and I hope she will go on spanking you whenever you deserve it -or whenever she chooses! Has your wife ever considered using a martinet ( i.e.a flogger) on your backside? Or a maple switch? (Weather permitting, this is best used outdoors - I have fond memories of such whippings in Provence and in Catalonia!) A thick leather strap also works wonders -as I discovered years ago with a British girlfriend... But what matters most is that your wife should keep on whipping you as often as she likes (or as you like!) ... And keep posting!

spankedbywife said...

Great to see you have figured out how to get the videos posted again. BTW, what format works, as there may be a possibility my Lady may want similar postings on my blog (a work in progress).

Its great to see that your Lady gives you the spankings you deserve (like all us naughty boys should) and even better that you share them.

Anonymous said...

Hello naughty Den,

Those spankings are terrific. Its is nice to see a bratty bad little boy getting a spanking on the bare hiney and in front of everyone! You are very lucy to have a wife who is not afraid to give you the direction and the correction that you so definitely need. I know you said that you were sorry but I think you were only sorry because she made you sorry. I'm thinking that you'll be needing some additional attitude adjustments soon because you just weren't crying like a bad boy who has truly been corrected.
I'm looking forward to seeing your future corrections. Keep up the great spanking blog. Thanks for sharing your discipline sessions!!

Anonymous said...

You should be ashamed!! Being so rude to family that your wife had to take down your pants and spank your bare backside in front of everyone. I hope that you're still having difficulty sitting down!!
If it were me I'd have used a strap on you as well. Bad, bad, boy!!!!

NaughtyDen said...

Thank you all for the great comments.
No my bottom doesn't still hurt from those spankings butt I am sure it soon will from others. I seem to need to be reminded to calm down and behave.
Yes naughty boys should be spanked in public so again thanks for watching.
I have secretly wanted a switching since I was like 9 and saw the old 1930's Tom Sawyer and the switching he got in school but I'm not so sure I really want a real one!!!
As to the video format that work buy Quicktime pro and use the .mp4 Improved export and click the "Pteserve aspect ration using" button or it might be too tall. It is funny that H.264 doesn't work anymore it did for a year for me.
I am sorry I was rude to family members and I am sure my bottom will hear about it again as a reminder.
Thanks Again knowing others see me get it helps me remember to be a good boy.

Anonymous said...

Naughty Den,

I just want to say that your wife is a wonderful spanker. You're very lucky.

Hanks Sara said...

Good job your wife is doing. I am now using a timer for spankng Hank into a proper attitude

NaughtyDen said...

Hi and thanks for commenting.
The timer was my idea and my bottom is not so sure it was a good idea! But it does make me take a longer spanking she sometimes would stop just as I was really starting to "get it" and as I am the one who asked her to spank me for OUR good I am the one who has to get it, right?

Anonymous said...

I admire your wife she really knows how to deal with your rudeness and bad behavior.This was disgraceful at a relatives celebrations!.She has rightly treated you like a naughty boy and you deserved it to be in Public.I think she is missing an opportunity to increase you punishment by not smacking the backs of your thighs but I do like her frequently adjusting those nice coloured pants so they do not cover your bottom! You are lucky to have a wife who cares about you enough to correct you when you do things like that !

NaughtyDen said...

Thank you I am sorry I didn't answer right away, I should be spanked! I do deserve to be spanked in Public and sometimes she has spanked the back of my legs but most;y I get it on my bottom because that is where naughty boys should be spanked. I have been a bit under the weather so I haven't been spank for awhile I am sure she will make up for it when I am better, Oh my poor bottom!

Anonymous said...

Hi Den , sorry to hear you are unwell and hope you recover very soon.I expect your wife wil be taking good care of you.BUT I hope that she will be on the look out for any attempt to take any unfair advantage of you situation and like me takes notes of them for use at a later date. I do use the slipper sometimes! However all corporal punishment has long gone from schools being banned in 1987 in state schools and in late 1990's in the private sector. Best wishes, Jenny

Anonymous said...

Next time you tape -and post, I hope- could you adjust the focus so that we can see more of your wife in action (not her face, of course -some privacy has to be maintained!) but her arms, at least, as she wields all those various instruments! She does such a terrific job, after all -and I am sure she enjoys it! My own wife sure does!

Anonymous said...

how's things where have you folks been?

Anonymous said...

Wow momma sure knows how to spank. Nice hand paddle, paddle and tawse. My wife (6'2" 190 lbs.) is a big strong athletic woman who doesn't have any trouble womanhandling me (5'10" 165 lbs.). I got my first taste of this , and view of the carpet on our wedding night when she gave me my first bare bottomed spanking over her knee. She had me recite my new wedding vows that I would love honor and obey HER while in this position. I tried getting off of her knee but couldn't (she is too strong for me) as she just laughed and spanked on. When she finished she let me up rolled over on the hotel bed on all fours and told me to thank her and pay homage to her by kissing and licking her hiney. She then picked me up laid me on my back and mounted me in a 69 position telling me not to loose control. When she was satisfied (and came) she turned around facing me and rode me until she came again then told me it was okay for me to release my pent up pressure and came a third time with me.


Anonymous said...

Hello naughty Den,
I really enjoyed Markie's post! Just fantastic!! Getting a spanking on his wedding night and then he was ordered to lick her hiney. Priceless!!!! What a lucky man !!! Thanks for the great blog! There is nothing like doing your lady with your tongue as you sport a red and bruised behind!!! Thanks for the inspiration. The next time my lady gives me a whipping I'm going down on her and I'm not going to stop until she begs me to!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Naughty Den,
I hope all is well with you. Surely it must be time for you to get another bare bottom spanking! Can't wait to see you get it!! Thanks for sharing.

cravatman said...

hello naughty den,

while looking at your spankings i have to admit that my bad behaviour deserves a good spanking too. for this purpose i should bend over a spanking-bench to be tied securely.

Thanks for sharing

NaughtyDen said...

Hi All
I have had surgery awhile back and I am still recovering so my bottom isn't getting spanked till all is well. I haven't felt well enough to be naughty anyway so I haven't earned a spanking but I'm sure I will soon!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope you soon feel like being naughty again - and face the consequences! (-:

Weave said...

Oh! Hope you're doing well... I'll bet your bottom misses the good times!

Your Wife is sooo good at this! I love her talking to you, and you writhing and moaning. You have been soo bad!!

Where do you get those frilly, sexy panties, btw?

Böser-Bube said...

Ich muß sagen ihre Frau kann es einmalig,
Sie so richtig ordentlich zu Züchtigen.

Gebe zu so eine Tracht-Prügel hätte ich jetzt
auch bitter nötig.

Nicky Needsone said...

Wow, these are excellent. You are a lucky man. Does she ever redden your entire rear end, top to bottom? Where do you get the SpankME panties?

Anonymous said...

Now, that was some humdinger SPANKING; I'm not sure what is was for, but you must have deserved it!!
It's so great to hear all the scolding punctuate all the hard
paddling - keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How does she spank so thoroughly and
bring Den to such genuine sobbing but
doesn't raise any welts or bruises??
My spankings are to the point of
"weeping" over the spanked area, with
rock-hard firmness of the region and
dark red discoloration. Need less to
say, sitting is impossible for days and my bottom feels like I sat on a
hot griddle.

Anonymous said...

I just found your site and love it! Den, you are such a naughty boy and deserve to get your fanny reddened every day. My husband gets his fanny spanked too. I especially enjoy giving him a spanking in front of my girlfriends. He says it embarresses him, but I wonder as when it is over he leaves the room with an erection in full view. Keep up the good work!! I love watching your panties being pulled down and your butt cheeks quivering!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, where are the current spankings.
I feel deprived not to be able to
keep up with all the paddlings - are
they still going on???????

Anonymous said...

I don't see any current replies from
Naughty Den - what has happened to
all the spanking therapy?????????????

MATT need a mistress said...

can u spank me 2 i never been and im 22