Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Spankings Begin, All Day

This is the First Hour Spanking

Yesterday was the first day of spankings from my wife for my bad behaviour. I have been treating her badly for too long and I feel very bad about it. So I wrote her a letter asking her to forgive me and spank me. I have told her I will do better as a husband and that the spankings I hope she will give me from now on will help me get there. I gave her links to husbandspankings.
I ask her to read some of the pages so she could see some other wife who spanks her husband. She understood my need to make things right between us and has begun what I fear is the start many many spankings! I asked her to spank me from now on when I misbehave.

To start off she gave me a spanking every hour for 7 hours and a bedtime spanking. I had to were her panties to embarrass me and I have to show the videos so I will know that others are seeing my spankings and that I am getting them because of my behavior. I have acted like a little boy and now I am to get punished like one.
She will be spankings me all this week and if I do not lose 2Lbs my next Monday then she will spank me next week as well maybe again every day until I lose the 2 Lbs. I am to keep losing 2Lbs every week or get spanked.
I must do the dishes on time or get spanked. I am sure the list will grow and it should. I am afraid she may decide I need a good spanking everyday for a long time to come I have made her very sad and mad at time and now I need to be punished for it.
I am sorry dear.

Hour Two

Hour Three

Hour Four

Hour Five

Hour Six

Hour Seven

Last spanking of the day my bedtime spanking.
I went to bed with a very sore bottom knowing that my wife will spank me again tomorrow.
I'm sorry honey I know I deserve my spankings.


Anonymous said...

I'm Angry Wife from husbandspankings. First, to your wife, I want to say that you will want to become accustomed to spanking him not when HE thinks it's a good idea but when YOU think it's a good idea. I spank my husband on certain days and sometimes he gets a warning that it's coming but I have discovered that a spanking without warning can be very effective. Right after he gets out of bed in the morning, send him for the belt and put him over the edge of the bed for a sound whipping. When he's in the middle of something where you know his mind is on it--a TV show or reading a book or about to go out on a Saturday afternoon--bare his behind and put him over your knees. Remember that you are punishing him, so be sure it HURTS and that he knows why he's getting it.

Also, you will be amazed at the cooperation you get, even when it comes to administering a severe spanking, if you apply an ice cube to his bottomhole before starting the spanking.

To NaughtyDen, I want to say that I hope knowing that other people, especially a woman who firmly believes in spanking as a means of correction, saw you getting it today is part of your punishment. Personally, I think you could use a lot more because I don't think you have yet understood exactly how much a hard spanking can hurt. I hope your wife teaches you to obey her better in the future, and as someone who has recently been on the receiving end of the belt, I hope you remember what it feels like when you think about disobeying.

NaughtyDen said...

Thank you Angry Wife. My wife read you comments this morning and gave me a harder spanking after. I know she has not yet tap into all the angry I have caused in her I know when she does my bottom will pay the price a price that needs to be paid.

Anonymous said...

How lucky you are to have a wife who spanks you so well! My first wife (now deceased) used her hand, her paddle, and her martinet (not to mention the switches I cut for her) with great gusto, and she particularly enjoyed the way she made me "dance" what she called the "bare bottom twist". My second wife (also deceased) also learned how to spank and whip me, and enjoyed it as much as I did. Both of them occasionally whipped me in the open air, which added to the excitement. I miss them both -and I miss the burning they so effectively left on my bare ass!

Anonymous said...


Your wife really knows how to punish you! I'm glad you were able to keep your marriage going through spanking. You really do have a "trophy wife;" one that loves you enough to give the spankings you need for your misdeeds, then can forgive you for them.

Many women are better at running households than guys. My mother was one of them. Savvy about the world and the dominant one in the marriage, Mom held the family finances, bought our home and cars, and saw to the discipline of their two boys. She never spanked Dad, though I now realize that there were plenty of times she should have. Mom rarely spanked us boys, preferring bedroom detention instead. I hated that, and wished she had soundly spanked us more.

I love that short rattan cane!

Anonymous said...

If I got a good, hard spanking every hour for eight hours, I would have a very dark red blistered bottom and
would be wailing like a banshee. Maybe Den should get out of the house
more - a traveling job????????????
Multiple spankings every day would
make my bottom feel like sandpaper.

Anonymous said...

you dont know how lucky you are a day of spankings in tight white panties I can only dream shame it wasnt OTK

Anonymous said...

I liked to be spanked by my wife, please advise how to convince her, so that she will naked me and put me over her knee and spank me hard